Parks & Recreation Board

2019 - 2020 MEMBERSHIP 

Name                                                 Term                Begin                End                    Appointed 

Raymond Moore                   3 Yrs              9/1/2018           8/31/2021        8/16/2016
(Neosho Resident)
Trent Barratt                          3 Yrs               9/1/2016          8/31/2019        12/19/2017
(Neosho Resident)
Garrett Crane                        3 Yrs               9/1/2017          8/31/2020        7/18/2017
(Neosho Resident)
Angie Leach                            3 Yrs               9/1/2016          8/31/2019        05/16/2017
(Newton County Resident)
Michael Selgeby                   3 Yr                 9/1/2016          8/31/2019        05/16/2017
(Neosho Resident)                                                                                       

Chairman:  Garrett Crane      Vice Chairman:  Angie Leach           Secretary:  Michael Selgeby


A.        There is hereby established a Parks and Recreation Board for the purpose of guiding and directing the development and maintenance of the Neosho City parks and recreation and related activities pertaining to such Neosho City parks and recreation.
B.        The Parks and Recreation Board shall be composed of five (5) members. The Board shall elect from its members a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. The Board's responsibility will be to assist the City in developing the parks and recreation activities for the City.
C.        Each member of the Parks and Recreation Board shall be appointed by the City Council. The members, after the original members, shall serve for three (3) years. In the event of a vacancy, a new member shall be appointed to fill such vacancy in the same manner and for the remainder of the unexpired term.
D.        At least three (3) members shall be a resident citizen of the City of Neosho. Two (2) members may or may not be a citizen of Neosho, but they must be residents of Newton County. 
E.         The Parks and Recreation Board shall hold monthly meetings at such times and places that the Board may determine. A quorum for all regular or special meetings shall be a simple majority.
F.         The Parks and Recreation Board responsibilities will be:

  • To assist the City in development of rules and regulations applicable to parks and recreation activities within the confines of existing law, the provisions of this Code and other ordinances of the City.
  • To assist the City in developing and recommending plans for growth and improvement of City parks and recreation facilities.

G.        The Parks and Recreation Board shall be responsible to the City Council and shall confine its activities to the duties specified in this Article.
H.        The Parks and Recreation Board shall not and is not authorized to commit the City to any expenditure of money, nor shall it otherwise obligate the City without specific authority of the City Council.