Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Administration David Kennedy City Manager (417)-451-8050
City Administration Cheyenne Wright City Clerk (417)-451-8050
Development Services Rachel Holcomb Development Services Director (417)-451-8050
Parks & Recreation Nancy Tomlinson Administrative Assitant (417)-451-8050
Finance Daphne Pevahouse Director of Finance (417)-451-8050
Fire Department Jim Ledford Fire Chief (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Bret Smith Battalion Chief (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Adrian Hitchcock Battalion Chief (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Kyle Rogers Captain (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Roy Haskett Battalion Chief (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Derek Williams Captain (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Tim Duncan Captain (417)-451-8021
Fire Department Scott Maness Fire Inspector (417)-451-8021
Hugh Robinson Memorial Airport Chuck Graves Airport Manager (417)-451-8098
Development Services Tom Long Building Inspector (417)-451-8050
Municipal Court Vickie Smith Court Clerk (417)-451-8007
Municipal Court Bailey Carpenter Court Clerk (417)-451-8007
Police Department Jason Baird Chief of Police (417)-451-8012
Police Department Rodney Howe Detective (417)-451-8012
Police Department Rusty Schlessman Sergeant (417)-451-8012
Police Department Mike Sharp Lieutenant (417)-451-8012
Police Department Brandon Beshears Detective (417)-451-8012
Police Department Dustin Doty Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Joshua Buckner Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Cody Bunch Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Daniel Martin Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Mari Mallory Records Clerk (417)-451-8012
Police Department Rachel Kimmel Records Clerk (417)-451-8012
Police Department Mike Whitehead Lieutenant (417)-451-8012
Police Department Keith Brumfield Code Enforcement/Patrol (417)-451-8012
Police Department Nathan Moudy Animal Control Officer (417)-451-8333
Police Department Dustin Honeyfield Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Donna Hall Crowder SRO (417)-451-8012
Police Department Joshua Houghton Sergeant (417)-451-8012
Police Department Richard Leavens Sergeant (417)-451-8012
Police Department Tim Lewis Neosho High School SRO (417)-451-8012
Police Department Adam Worster Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Police Department Dan Cook Patrolman (417)-451-8012
Public Works Nate Siler Public Works Director (417)-451-8071
Recycle Center Diana Howell Lead Recycling Attendant (417)-455-9430
Utilities/Billing Billie Mendenhall Utility Billing Specialist (417)-451-8060
Water & Waste Water Ken Brady Alliance Water Resources Neosho Facility Manager (417)-451-8080
Communications & Events Communications & Events Coordinator (417)-451-8050
Human Resources Krysti Muhic Human Resources Director (417)-451-8050
Parks & Recreation Clint Dalbom Superintendent (417)-451-8050
Parks & Recreation Kenny Balls Crew Leader (417)-451-8050
City Administration Mary Jackson Administrative Assistant (417)-451-8050
Finance Renee Johnson Accounts Payable (417)-451-8050
Finance Megan Scott License/Water Admin Supervisor (417)-451-8050