Municipal Court


You can make payments on disposed cases online through CaseNet Pay by Web.  Payment can be made with credit/debit cards or eChecks.  
Just click on the following link:  CaseNet Pay by Web
Payment may show up as JetPay on statements.

Please Click this link for the Notice of Rights For Defendants Appearing in Court

  • Tuesday - 4 p.m. 
  • Thursday - 4 p.m.
  • The fourth Thursday of each month, court starts at 3 p.m.

Court fees are an additional 31.50 on top of the fine costs listed below

Please Click this Link for the Missouri State Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses,

Payments may be taken in the court clerk's office for most violations prior to the scheduled court date.

After hours payments may be made using the drive up drop box located behind City Hall on the east side of the building.

Payments may be made using:

  • Cash
  • VISA, American Express, Discover, Mastercard - credit or debit
  • Cashiers check
  • Money order
  • No personal checks

Mandatory Court Appearances
Mandatory court appearances are required for the following:

  • DWI, alcohol, or drugs
  • BAC
  • DWS / DWR
  • Leaving the scene
  • Failure to stop on signal of police officer
  • Possession / Use of controlled substance while operating vehicle
  • Stealing
  • All assaults
  • All accidents

If under 21, the following require mandatory court appearances in addition to above:

  • C & I Driving – Alcohol Involved
  • Minor in possession of alcohol – driver
  • Open container – driver
  • Possession / Use of all controlled substances
  • Possession / Use of alcohol – second offense under 18 years of age


  • You have been summoned to come to court on the date shown on your ticket.
  • You may plead not guilty by coming to court and a trial date will be set.
  • You may plead guilty by mail or by coming to the Neosho Municipal Court to pay your fine.
  • If you plead guilty, you will be given a new date to pay if you can’t pay the day of court.
  • If you want to plead guilty, but you don’t have the funds to pay your ticket, you still must come to court.  You will not be arrested for not having money to pay.
  • If you are indigent, you may be required to complete documentation to be determined by the court as evidence of your financial status and as an aid to the court in assessing fines, costs and setting of a payment plan.
  • If you do not come to court when summoned to do so, you are subject to a warrant being issued for your arrest.
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