City to Host Proposed Flood Buyout Zone Meeting

On the evening of Monday, August 19, 2019 the Neosho City Council will host an informational meeting at the Neosho Civic Auditorium from 6-8pm. The goal of this meeting will be to provide information to owners and residents of properties in flood-affected parts of the city.

The City Council will also use input gathered from these owners and residents to draft the necessary legal papers to apply for the assistance grant funds that have recently become available, both for those seeking relocation and property buyout options related to those properties.

The City recently mailed letters to over 500 addresses in the flood-affected neighborhoods within the city limits. Based on research and feedback received from the community to-date, these addresses our best estimation of areas that might qualify for assistance.

Additional input is needed from residents and property owners in and around these areas to make sure that the addresses included are complete and accurate. To assist in this, these addresses have been grouped into five distinct zones based on factors like geography and the type of damage sustained.

All citizens living or owning property in or around these zones are requested to make plans attend this important meeting to learn more about upcoming assistance opportunities, and provide input as to the accuracy of how their properties fit into these zones.

If your property is NOT currently included in one of these zones but you feel that it should be, please make plans to attend this meeting to help us ensure that these maps as accurate as possible before we begin the application process, as there will not be an option to modify these maps after the grant application is submitted.

Thanks in advance for you attendance and participation. We look forward to seeing you there.

Flooded Parcel Map - All Zones Flooded Parcel Map - Zone 1
Flooded Parcel Map - Zone 2 
Flooded Parcel Map - Zone 3 Flooded Parcel Map - Zone 4