The City of Neosho asks the public’s help in reporting illegal connections to fire hydrants.

It is important that Neosho citizens are provided with safe, clean, and reliable drinking water. Fire hydrants are directly connected to the drinking water supply. The water system is vulnerable to contamination through the unauthorized use of fire hydrants from a variety of sources, including but not limited to private construction contractors and swimming pool fill trucks. If, for example, the water pressure should drop during an illegal connection, contaminants could be sucked backward through the hydrant and into the supply.

Illegal connections threaten the quality of water delivered to homes and businesses and can lower pressure in the water lines required for fire protection. The City of Neosho Public Works Department is requesting the public’s help to protect the water sources and help prevent water theft.  Water is sold and distributed at the designated fill point at the Public Works Department, 200 Nelson Avenue, in Neosho. It is never distributed at fire hydrants.  Only City of Neosho personnel, including the Fire Department and Public Works Department, are authorized to connect to fire hydrants. Unauthorized connection to a fire hydrant is subject to a fine.

If you see or suspect anyone other than a city employee connected to a hydrant please call the Neosho Police Department at 417-451-8012 or 417-451-8333. You can also call Public Works Director Ryan Long at 417-451-8071 or email rlong@neoshomo.org

Please obtain as much information as possible regarding the incident. It can be as simple as taking a picture of the event in progress or recording critical details such as the time and location. Please note vehicle type and license plate, company name and/or emblem on the vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance.