City to Suspend Water Disconnect for March

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and to encourage good hygiene practices recommended by the CDC, The City of Neosho has suspended municipal water disconnects for the month of March.    

Additionally,  The City of Neosho has arranged to immediately waive all processing fees for Online payments to the City such as Water/Sewer/Trash, and Permit Fees. This measure is taken to limit the need for in-person payments at Neosho City Hall due to the current public health emergency.  These fees will not be retroactively waived and will be re instituted at some point in the future. The public will be advised in advance of any changes to this procedure.

The City of Neosho encourages everyone who can utilize online payments to do so, however if on site payments must be made, please use the exterior drop box located near the entrance to the City Water Department Collections Office.   Envelopes will be provided for the convenience of the public.   For more information or if you have questions contact The City of Neosho Water Collections Department at 417-451-8060.