Annual Leaf Pickup 2021

Annual Leaf Pickup for the fall/winter of 2021 will begin on Monday, November 15th. Please see the attached picture of the map and the sequence of areas designated for collection. Public Works will have two crews designated for this project, with each crew starting on opposite sides of the route and meeting in the middle. Updates will be posted daily on the City Facebook page as they are received from Public Works for your convenience and planning. There will be multiple passes until late December early January or until the need is no longer there. Leaves should be placed on the edge of the roadway, but not in the roadway or on water meter lids. Please do not place leaves in areas that will affect drainage, such as gutters or ditches. Mulched leaves, sticks, and any debris other than loose leaves will not be accepted. Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide this service to the community of Neosho.

Please click this link here for pictures of the zones and check out our facebook page by clicking this link for on going updates