FEMA Issued Information for Pet Owners

Information issued by FEMA December 20, 2018:

ATTENTION PET OWNERS: It’s getting colder out there and we want to make sure all of the critters living outdoors stay warm! Blankets are nice, but they need changed out frequently because they become damp easily. Straw can help animals stay dry and warm for up to 2-3 weeks before it needs changed out. Our Animal Control Officer would love to be able to drop off some straw to the animals in need while patrolling the city. If you are out and about and think about it, feel free to pick some up and drop it off at the Neosho Police Department or Recycle Center. The address and drop off times are noted on the photo! Please SHARE! You can pick it up yourself or contact Brett Fox, ACO at 417-451-8333 and he will drop some by for your use.