Tournament Schedule

                                                     Regularly scheduled Events

League Schedule

Tuesday - Women’s League: Start Time 8:30

Wednesday – Senior League: Start Time 8:30, Wednesday Night Scramble: Start time 5:30

Thursday- Golf/Bowl: Start time 5:30

Friday- Couples League: Start time 5:30

Tournament Schedule For 2021

Chamber Of Commerce  April 23rd -2 Person Scramble 8:00am Shotgun Start

In Memory Benefit for Coach Denny Chenoweth May 22nd - 8:30am Shotgun Start

Hooked On Life June 5t- 4 person Scramble  8:30am Shotgun Start

East Newton Football Tournament June 19th 8:30 a.m.  Shotgun Start – contact 417-437-5758

Crowder Baseball Alumnus  August 7th -9:00am Shotgun Start

Neosho WGA Flower Box Classic August 10th- 2 Lady scramble 8:30 Shotgun Start

KNEO August14th -4 Person Scramble 8:00am Shotgun

Kermit Lewis Sr. September 9th  -2 man Scramble 9:00am Shotgun Start

Chamber Of Commerce September 16th - 4 person Scramble 12:30pm Shotgun Start

Chamber Of Commerce September 17th - 4 person Scramble 8:30am Shotgun Start

Racine Christian Church September 18th 4 person scramble 8:30am shotgun start

Tuck Ellis October 1st -  2 man Scramble 8:30am Shotgun Start

Mac County School October 8th - 4 Person Scramble

Care net October 9th - 9:00am 4 person Scramble Shotgun Start

 Contact the Golf Course at (417)-451-1543 for more info or to sign up